Monday, July 20, 2009


JP Pampena presents live testimonials about the Smart Collar. The only pet collar in the world guaranteed to reduce pet shedding problems all year long.


My name is Leah, and I work for a veterinarian clinic in the city of Elora. I first heard about The Smart Collar through a client of ours who has been bringing their pet to our clinic. At first I was rather skeptical of how well this collar would work. However, I decided to try it for myself, and called the company that produces The Smart Collar to order one for my pet Golden Retriever. To my surprise, I found that this product was amazing. I found it to really reduce pet shedding. I understand after using this Smart Collar, why it is the only collar in the world that guarantees to reduce pet shedding problems and is a great solution for all pet owners. I would definitely endorse this product to any dog or cat owner.

Yours Truly

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