Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrities and Fans Alike Gather to Help Create Collage

I am planning a memorial tribute to the great musician Michael Jackson. The memorial will be complied into a collage of several thousand messages and will be presented, in September, to the family compound in California.

I have already received condolence messages from several celebrities. The first to extend their condolences was Dennis Edwards, the lead singer of the notorious Temptations. I have also received messages from Frank Sinatra tribute singer Rick Sonanta and Canadian film-maker Frank Caruso. Other celebrities who have extended their condolences through other media venues have been Cher, Usher and Diana Ross.

The internet has allowed me to connect with fans all over the world. The Jackson family is faced with tragedy and I want to show them how much the fans care. The comments I have received are knowledgeable and influential. I am excited to present this to the Jackson family. People have extended their love and sadness in passionate messages. I am honoured to pay homage to Michael Jackson.

Fans who wish to express their condolences to Michael Jackson should either post them on Youtube and send us the URL, send us a message on twitter at www.twitter.com/jpforpr or email at jp@jpforpr.com.

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