Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PR Agent Advises Citizens to Help Bust Union Heads

It’s time to bust unions! It’s my belief that unions are pure evil. I am sick and tired of being treated like a puppet! Unions are suppose to protect workers – however, they are not stepping up to this role. Instead – they are looking out for themselves and not for the employees. Unions have driven corporations out of business. If unions do not care about the businesses they represent, why should they care about its workers? Employees would be better off to convince their CEOs to get rid of unions and create publicly owned companies. This way, workers would actually have control and enjoy the rights and liberties that they are entitled to. Unions served an important purpose during the industrial and economic development of our country. But in today’s society – unions are not needed and have no place in our work spaces.

History is repeating itself – unions used to be controlled by the mob and now the unions are the mob. Today’s unions are nothing but organized gangsters dealing with organized crime. Today’s gangsters, aka unions, no longer break people’s legs but treat employees like children and puppets. As society progresses corruption is building. When will it stop? What can be done? People who work for unions are only good at asking for handouts. They do no real work. Unions tell employees when to jump and how high. If you are stupid enough to stand for this – you deserve to be treated like a puppet! Unions just bulldoze through the way and let the good citizens of Toronto clean up their mess.

Nothing is new with this garbage debate. All we hear from Mayor Miller’s mouth is garbage. The filth on the city sidewalks is starting to reek – but the lies from Miller’s mouth are far more rancid.

Really, the invoices from waste depots need to make their way to Mayor Miller’s office. Why should honest, good tax-paying citizens be burdened with these extra costs? The tax payers are the suckers – they are the stooges here! We cannot have our children playing in backyards with garbage piled high – this is a very serious heath and safety issue. We are supposed to act like good little boys and good little girls and take our garbage to assigned waste depots. I am not going to be treated like a puppet any longer! I am Fed-Exing my garbage to Mayor Miller’s office. I highly suggest you follow my actions as there is only one solution to this mess. People need to show Mayor Miller who is boss!

I strongly advise the citizens of Toronto to take action. We are at war! You need to stand up and fight what you believe for. We have seen over and over again – corrupt politicians and community leaders continue to fail us. Something needs to be done. Do you know what I say? Not on my watch! Its time for City Hall employees to take a pay cut during these tougher economic times. How can Mayor Miller give himself and his caucus raises when he cannot give raises to anyone else? If the caucus deserves a raise, shouldn’t the hard working garbage collectors? How can there not be enough money to give these people the money they deserve? These people at City Hall are selfish hypocrites!

Reasons like this are why I want to run for mayor. It’s time to display leadership. It’s time to take control over City Hall and implement significant changes for the city of Toronto. I want to look out for the best interest of the citizens. If I run for mayor my goal will be to reduce property taxes and business taxes for the hard working citizens of Toronto. Lawyers have always controlled City Hall and little has been accomplished. It is time for the business persons to step in and examine the situation from a business point-of-view. We can take charge and get things actually accomplished!

People at City Hall are lacking the leadership that they promised. On numerous occasions, they have failed to deliver. Look for a new leader in 2010 – I promise to put your interests first! If you have ideas how to make Toronto a better place, feel free to email me at And remember, on the next election in 2010 vote for me JP Pampena for mayor.

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